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Pregnant? Please keep or start moving your beautiful changing body

Bijgewerkt op: 6 jun. 2019

So many benefits you will receive during your pregnancy while you keep or start doing sports like yoga, pilates or other movement classes.

In the past it used to be an idiotic idea; pregnant women doing sports? Oh no, they should do as less as possible. But time changed and more and more women gather in sport classes in- or outdoor to enjoy moving their pregnant body to stay fit and healthy.

“Pregnant women doing sports on a safe and fun way have a bigger change of staying fit during their pregnancy and enjoy the benefits of that during labor and after giving birth. Not to forget the new friendships they receive.” - Yolentha

If you're not an experienced trainer or sport athlete it's a good idea to train under supervision of an experienced trainer to be sure you're moving your pregnant body in a safe way. Always gather information about what you should or shouldn't do from an expert if you're not an expert yourself.

Happy and healthy mommy = a happy and healthy baby

For example, did you know you shouldn't train your rectus abdominis (rechte buikspieren / sixpack) but training your transversus and obliquus externus & internus abdominis (dwarse, interne en externe schuine buikspieren) is a good thing? That training your leg muscles and stabilizing and strengthen the hips and pelvis will help you during labor and to recover faster after giving birth?

Sometimes I see pregnant women still running outdoor but my experience and knowledge is, that this way of bouncing ain't a good thing for your pelvis and it's ligaments. It's important that your pelvis and it's ligaments are strong and relaxed and get enough time after labor to recover. You don't want to have to do with urine loss years after given birth right? Something to think about. Listen to your body while you're keeping it healthy but also enjoy to relax and do nothing, because you can and may. You have a good excuse, for all you're making a new human being and need to bring him or her healthy to this earth. Yeah Momma, you kick some ass bringing a small human to this world! Be proud!

Of course there is a percentage of bad luck, even though you might have done sports on a safe way you never know what happens during and after your pregnancy. But in my classes I notice and see that 90% of the pregnant women keep training until 39 / 40 weeks of pregnancy because they still feel fine and most of them also experience a good labor and quick recovery. After 6 till 9 weeks 80% of the women start doings sports again.

Not to forget it's a really nice way to meet other mommy's (to be) and share experiences with each other! I see a lot of new friendships arising during my classes, a beautiful thing to see.

Would you like to join my classes in the Haarlemmer Hout? Then please let me know and send me a message through contact

Keep updated in my following blogs about this topic Pre- and Post natal pregnancy.

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