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Womens Healing Retreat Spirit of the Rose

A beautiful journey of Soul Remembrance to Portugal

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Spirit of the Rose - Vrouwen Retraite / Womens Retreat

From 15 to 20th of October 2024 at Rose Mountain Retreat Centre
Maximum of 14 - 16 woman

We welcome you with an open heart at Rose Mountain Retreat Centre for a very unique journey for women only. Join our healing Spirit of the Rose Retreat and choose to re-connect with yourself on the depths of your being. Remember your inner wisdom of the Divine Feminine and true nature. Through deep magnifing rituals, ceremony and healing work you will be professionaly guided to deepen your awareness and grow personally. 


We heal for our individual Soul, as for the collective, our ancestors and mother Earth. Our retreat offers healing frequencies connected to Rose lineages of the Maria Magdalenes and Shekinah, Sophia, the Divine mother, which empowers women on Earth to embody their eternal wisdom and come home in their purest divine heart.

Join us sister and gift yourself with the opportunity for becoming the woman that embodies her wholeness, activates her souls consciousness and womb power. Be ready to heal, let go and purify the old to create space for the new.

This retreat is for every woman; from the everyday practical housewife, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, friends, and hardworking career women to the more spiritually developed woman.

Not a typical yoga retreat but something truly different! Expect a consciousness embodiment retreat with spiritual and relaxating elements that are nourishing and healing for body, mind, and heart.

Why would you want to be part of Spirit of the Rose?

∞ You long for deepened awareness and a moment for yourself.

∞ You want to recognize, understand, and heal your own shadow aspects.

∞ As a caring woman, you also want to pay attention to yourself.

∞ You carry energetic burdens from your past and want to heal this.

∞ You want to step into your power and live and make choices from your heart.

∞ You long for sisterhood in a safe and inspiring environment.

You are interested in spirituality and a deeper connection with life.


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Or scroll futher down for more information about our beautiful womensretreat in Portugal!

Warm Blessings,


Yolentha, Ash and Team



We offer a sacred program that includes multiple activities for healing, remembrance, transformation, growth and joy. The activities are scheduled consciously, connected to the weather, the energy, the moon and the elements.


You can expect sacred and ancient rituals, ceremonies, inner child healing, ancestral healing, past life / soul healing, plant medicines, voice liberation, sound healing, sister- & motherwound healing, elemental ceremonies, mother Earth healing, Maria Magdalena activations and enough free time to enjoy the landscape, swimmingpool and for personal integration and relaxation time.


This retreat is for every woman that feels the calling to invest time in herself and wants to retreat from daily life for a moment. The Spirit of the Rose feels called to practice more inner healing work and is interested in spiritual growth. She is curious, feels excitement and maybe a touch of fear to join but she knows - she is ready for a next step to transform her personal life and become the woman that is ready to be awakened.


During the retreat we offer activities that assist in the awakening of your Soul Consciousness and inner Divine Feminine. All the activities are for all level experiences, you will receive exactly what is healing and nurtering for you, which is always enough. When you decide to join, it is a decision made on Soul level, you will receive what is supporting your personal path. We offer professional guidance during all activities and one-on-one time if needed. You are not alone in this journey, we will be with you.

How did other Women experience Spirit of the Rose Womensretreat?



​This was one of the most magical weekends I have ever experienced in my life! What a beautiful retreat, where I was able to open up on so many levels. Such a warm and loving environment where I felt safe to sing and dance, make music, laugh and cry, and connect. Where I was allowed to be completely myself. It was a beautiful and rich program. So many wonderful elements, with each ceremony or circle going a layer deeper. I enjoyed every gathering so much!

MedyaStemerding-portretten -14.jpg


​So many beautiful women, so many processes undergone, so much felt, so much addressed, released, and taken along. I can only say it was a beautiful and an enjoyable program. Also intense, but because of that, it allowed for such depth and there was enough time to feel and reflect on everything in between. So much love and professionalism, much good and loving care for all of us and each one of us individually. Two different women, which made it fun and enjoyable, and it was also nice that there was room for humor, I love that!

MedyaStemerding-portretten -12_edited.jpg


WOW! What an incredibly wonderful, beautiful, and valuable weekend. I feel butterflies in my stomach when I think back on it. Although I felt some resistance beforehand, now I wish we had stayed even longer. It provided so many new insights, but most importantly, I was able to let go of so much. Dear Yolentha & Ash, I am so grateful to you for this beautiful journey.


Pure Magic in the Algarve, Portugal

Rose Mountain Retreat Centre

Rose Mountain Retreat Centre is a place for coming home, healing and personal & collective transformation. Here you are allowed to attune to the deeper connection of “your” true Self. Immerse yourself completely in the shamanic landscape with all the elements the land & universe has to offer. With her 48 hectare private land, a salt water swimming pool, an outdoor Yoga deck, a Ceremonial Yurt and beautiful indoor ceremonial space the retreat centre offers all that we need for a perfect get-away.

Rose Mountain offers 4 Tiny Houses on the land (8 single rooms) and 5 bedrooms in the mainhouse. Click here for more info on availablity & pricing.

Choose to add a beautiful healing massage to your experience

Pelvic Floor Massage with Elma

A pelvic massage allows you to come home to the pelvis, the place where feminine energy resides. It is a gentle and feminine massage aimed at increasing awareness of the pelvic area and removing any (energetic) blockages with the goal of letting life energy flow (better) again. During the massage, Elma combines traditional Thai yoga massage techniques (acupressure, 'rocking' & 'shaking', and the power of stillness in yoga-like stretch positions) with energetic bodywork and Reiki healing.

# After booking the retreat, an invition to book the massage will follow.

# The pelvic massage lasts 60 minutes and costs €75.

# Due to the program and timewise, we might have limited spots available.


Sign up here

Energy exhange

€ 1888,-  for a bed in a shared tiny house or shared room in the mainhouse.

We have 3 beds available for a smaller wallet investment, please contact us to know more.  


Including a non-refundable deposit of 35% of the total payment.

This includes: 

∞ A 6 day - 5 night retreat   

∞ 3 delicous Plant Based meals per day and healthy bites, made by La Mama Gaia.

∞ The full program and all activities, including free time for integration and relaxation.

Excluded: Pelvic massage and Airport Shuttle. Check our travel recommendations here.

CAMPERVAN: we have 3 spots available for campers, contact us for more information.

Sign up here


A Personal message

From Yolentha Ram - initiator Spirit of the Rose Retreat

How wonderful that you are on this page and are looking at the Spirit of the Rose Women's Retreat Portugal. Maybe you are immediately excited about everything you read, but I can also imagine that this program and retreat raise some doubts, as many activities and the theme of our retreat might be completely new to you.

If you feel curious and have a butterfly in your belly, but you feel some fear for deciding, know that we can have a call to talk about anything. This way, you get to know me and you can ask any questions you have.

You can also get to know me a bit through the Podcast (in Dutch) "From Surviving to Living," where you can listen to part 1 "Yolentha Ram - Medicine Woman, Energetic Healer, and Soul Coach" and part 2 "Plant Medicines, Ceremonies, and Trauma."

Spirit of the Rose

“The Spirit of the Rose carries the beauty of the Divine Feminine. She brings softness, color and love to the lives of the humans she meets. She is caring and strong at the same time, holds a tremendous wisdom within each leave of her being. She is like a woman who carries the spirit of the Rose. A presence of the Divine Feminine mother.”

Meet the Team

The team of Spirit of the Rose consists of grounded and inspiring women. Women who come to Earth to share their healing gifts from their purest Heart of Devotion. Yolentha, Ash, and Elma have years of work and life experience within the sacred field of healing and consciousness work. Marjolijn from La Mama Gaia also has experience in the conscious field and cooks at retreats. Our soul missions share one common goal: we are here to support other people on earth in their journey of healing and remembrance.


"When we heal, we heal the Earth" - Meet Initiator and CEO Yolentha

Yolentha feels truly blessed being able to offer this magical sacred work to women from all over the world. She honors her Souls Divine calling, in assisting in the healing of the Earth by helping men and women in remembering their true essence. With her healing hands and devoted open heart, she has been guiding for over 10 years people in re-connecting with their Soul Consciousness, through healing- and energy work & plant medicine ceremonies. Yolentha is specialised in sacred ceremonial and ritual work, inner child, ancestral and past life healing. With her years of experience in organizing conscious healing retreats, you can expect a professional, well guided retreat held within a sacred, safe and gentle atmosphere.

Follow Yolentha on Instagram

"Ubuntu, I am because you are" - Meet Co-host en Breathwork Queen Ash

Ashleigh feels deeply called to hold space for people to reconnect with the divinity and wisdom within and to create space for healing in community. She is an experienced space holder and energy healer, who is specialized in somatic therapy, breathwork and healing deep layers of trauma. She has a special interest in holistic women’s health (specifically pelvic health) and uses her background in physiotherapy to inform her practices. Her greatest passion is to bring people into deeper connection with themselves and one another through reconnecting to spirit, embodiment and multidimensional healing. Sharing her wisdom, her voice through singing and chanting and space holding in ceremony brings her great joy and she feels deeply privileged to do this work.

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"Everything is Energy" - Meet Pelvic Massage Angel Elma

Elma is convinced that self-awareness leads to a deeper connection with both your own inner world and the world around you. Due to the personal experience of slowly losing her sight, Elma works with the (energetic) body with a lot of love and attention. She does this by offering yoga, reiki healing, Thai yoga massage and pelvic massage sessions. During the Women Retreat, Elma will be present as a spaceholder and offers special healing pelvic massages (can be booked additionally).

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"Honoring the gifts of Mama Gaia" - Meet our Chef Marjolijn | La Mama Gaia

Marjolijn is a private chef from the Netherlands, traveling the world to spread her love for food. Creating delicious, colourful and nourishing dishes as a form of love is Marjolijn’s description of heaven. With her food she will encourage you to get more plants on your plates in your daily life.  Because Mama Gaia (mother earth) gives us so many beautiful, colourful and tasty ingredients to experience, and Marjolijn loves to show you how to turn them into tasty plant-based, fresh and organic dishes. It will be a food fest of colours and taste everyday!


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Catch a glimpse of Spirit of the Rose Womensretreat

How to get to Rose Mountain?

Faro Airport is about 45 minutes drive from the retreat centre. Lisbon is more then two hours drive.

You can already book your flights now.

We will offer an airport shuttle on Tuesday with pick up at the airport at 13:00pm and drop-off on Sunday at 16:00pm. Shuttle is approx. € 10,- single or € 20,- pick-up and return.



Absolutly. Our retreats are ment for everyone who feels called to come and experience this retreat. Women of all ages and race is welcome, we see everybody as one and the same, there is no difference between us. Our programs are developed for all levels of experience, from zero to more developed experienced: we will meet you where you are at and honor your personal journey.


Understandible. Maybe you're not sure yet what to expect and maybe you don't feel called to sit with plant medicines yet. We offer different ceremonies, f.e. the Cacao & Rose ceremony is very gentle, safe and not psychedelic. It is a beautiful oppertunity to connect with sacred earth medicines for the first time. Cacao bliss is a psychedelic and this earth medicine will help you to journey deeper within your (un)conscious body. It is a magical, safe and life transforming experience - but, it is not mandatory. So if you feel a 'no' then we will respect this. Please contact Yolentha for more information if needed.


Great, so amazing that you feel pulled to this retreat. It is absolutely going to be an one of kind experience you will not soon forget. Having doubts is very human ;) Am I ready for this? Am I willing to pay this amount of money for this? We understand. We would love to make you aware of your inner callings, listen to your heart, trust your intuïtion, listen to your inner voice and body. If you feel a YES, then go for it and don't let fear get you in the way of living your dream life. Money = energy and that needs to flow. Besides, you are investing in yourself, that is worth a lot right? Still having doubts? Schedule a free call with Yolentha and ask all your questions.


Yes, we do. On Tuesday we have a pick-up around 13:00pm at Faro Airport and a drop-off on Sunday around 15:00 - 16:00pm. A single pick up will be around € 10,- and a pick-up & return around € 20,-.


Gosh, we are delighted with La Mama Gaia Queen Marjolijn cooking at Spirit of the Rose. She offers organic, plant based meals that will nourish body and soul. You will receive a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (lunch or dinner a bit lighter because of the program) and healthy bites and snacks. Enough Delicousness!


Absolutely, we honor your sacred 'me-time' and feel it is very important for you to have time to relax, enjoy and have time for personal integration. The activities can become a bit intense and old energy can be released, it is important that you spend time on your own, to journal, meditate, walk, swim or read a book.


We have space for 14-16 women who will be divided into the tiny houses and the main house. The tiny houses have two private small single rooms and one share bathroom. The rooms in de mainhouse are shared with two single beds, these rooms are a bit bigger and have a private bathroom. There is one room with 3 beds which is available for 3 friends OR 3 smaller wallet options. There is also space on the land for 3 campervan spots with a nature toilet and shower.


We will be offering a magical cacao bliss medicine ceremony on Friday, the medicine that strongly is connected to the Divine Mother and mother Earth. She is kind and supportive to assist you in discovering the onconscious patterns that need healing and wants to be felt. With pure love and bliss, she will help you to remember who you truly are: an amazing, powerful, beautiful woman. If you feel hesitation about this experience or you want to know more, please contact Yolentha for any questions. Not mandatory.


Please understand that we are organizing much in advance in preparing for this retreat for you. Therefor we have a strict cancellation policy to protect our time, effort and retreat. Once you have booked, we see you as a guest who will join this sacred gathering. If so, due to circumstances you can't come, all responsibilty is for you and you can try to find someone else to fill your spot.

Cancellation until 4 weeks prior to the retreat gives a 75% refund.

Cancellation from 4 weeks prior to the retreat gives no refund. When your spot can be filled with a new canditate, you will receive a 75% refund.

For more information about our booking - and cancellation policy, please click here.

Contact me for more information & questions

I will do my best to respond between 2-3 working days.

Thanks for submitting!

Gratis Masterclass: Het helen van de Vrouwenwond (in Dutch)

Tijdens het Retreat besteden we aandacht aan het thema de Vrouwenwond, ook wel bekend onder de naam Moederwond of Zusterwond. Bekijk deze gratis Masterclass om meer te weten te komen over dit thema. Stuur mij een mail met 'verzoek gratis masterclass' en je ontvangt de masterclass in je inbox!

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