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ma 19 feb


WAYEB MAYAN NEW YEAR - Ancestral healing

WAYEB Nieuwjaar & Voorouder afstandshealing

Vanuit Guatemala ontvang je komende maandag op afstand een krachtige voorouderhealing en prayers voor het komende nieuwe jaar

WAYEB Nieuwjaar & Voorouder afstandshealing
WAYEB Nieuwjaar & Voorouder afstandshealing

Tijd en locatie

19 feb 2024, 11:00 – 20:00

WAYEB MAYAN NEW YEAR - Ancestral healing

Over het evenement


Ancestral Prayers & Distance healing

Monday the 19th the Mayan Indigious celebrate the beginning of the Mayan New Year, the indigous have ceremonies each day to honor the transistion from the previous (last) to the new year to come.

The Mayan calender holds 260 days and 20 cycles of 13 days, with each their own quality and energy.

The new year is being celebrated with a wild, long and dedicated ceremony with lots of prayers to the fire, calling in each sign of each cycle - sign that we are connected to through our birthday and year.

You can read more about the Mayan Calender in Dutch through Happinez:

Or find your Mayan Sign here:

I will attend this ceremony and do my prayers for this new life year, asking for guidance and healing from my Ancestors, mother Earth and the wind directions and the elements and I would love to share this oppertunity in distance with you.

You receive

  • Ancestral Distance Healing and Prayers around the Mayan Fire
  • Prayers and Blessing during the WAYEB Celebration of the Mayan New Year
  • Calling in the wind directions, elements, mother Earth and your Ancestors for your guidance and healing journey your Soul awaits for this new Year.
  • Deep spiritual connection and healing in distance, with an extra healing for your body and soul I will offer with the medicine Purro from Guatemala, tuned in and strongly in connection to your spirit.

What you need to do:

  • You reserve your Ancestral distance healing and Mayan New Year prayers here.
  • You will receive a tikkie payment of € 22,- from me by phone/whatsapp or pay directly here
  • On monday you can connect consciously with me and my spirit, your ancestors and your soul, to receive the healing and prayers that will support you in de upcoming new year.
  • Reserve your spot here.
  • You can choose to have a beautiful meditation in the evening on monday, light a candle, drink cacao, to connect with this healing and to receive the prayers in distance.

A distance healing is equally as powerful as a live healing, because everything is energy, energy with intention will find its direction. You will receive exactly what you may receive in the moment and in the right moment the pieces will come together. This distance healing and prayer work will strengthen your connection to your Ancestors.

Looking forward to connect with you from the beautiful lake Atitlan in GuateMaya.

Much love,


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