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Sacred Earth Sisterhood Ceremony ~ Inner Goddess

This ceremony is for sisters only, to connect in sacred feminine cirlces. For witches, druids, medicine women, healers, humans, to empower their soul's purpose. Join this sisterhood to strengthen your divine feminine wisdom, journey of soul remembrance and to awaken your soul's purpose.

Sacred Earth Sisterhood Ceremony ~ Inner Goddess
Sacred Earth Sisterhood Ceremony ~ Inner Goddess

Tijd en locatie

30 sep 2023, 19:00 – 22:00

Haarlem, Henk van Turnhoutpad 2 Bezorgen op huisnummer 1, 2034 JL Haarlem, Nederland

Over het evenement

Sacred Earth Sisterhood Ceremony

"Together we will make a better place of this beautiful planet Earth. Let's rise, dance, sing together as sisters to raise the frequency of the Divine mother, join this sisterhood, we welcome you."

The Sacred Earth Sisterhood collective is for sisters only in which we offer a sacred space and circle to share, heal and transmute energies within the body and the (ancestral) collective field of womanhood. These sacred circles will offer an earthy and heavenly frequency to balance and unite both energies within the conscious body and the collective field of all the sisters joining and all women related and connected to them. To raise the frequency of women and therefore the frequency of our beloved mother of all: Earth.

We will offer inspiring journeys for soul remembrance, to heal the inner and collective woman wounds and to awaken the Divine Feminine energies within. For witches, druids, medicine women, healers, humans to (re)connect with their inner healing abilities. Join this sisterhood to strengthen your divine feminine wisdom, journey of soul remembrance and awaken your soul's purpose.

Expect a magical ceremony with high frequencies that will inspire you in the depths of your soul's body in which we will connect through rituals and prayers, sharing circles, music, conscious movement, touch and much more in which you will be invited to connect with - and express - your uniqueness, authenticity and potential.

Within this Sacred Earth Sisterhood - sacred gatherings and retreats will follow. Join a ceremony and become part of this beautiful collective of sisters.

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What to expect

~ Each ceremony will offer a different theme

~ Every woman is welcome to join

~ You will become part of the Sacred Earth Sisterhood when joining

~ Some ceremonies will offer magical collaborations with other divine goddesses

~ Depending on the theme, each ceremony and program will be different

~ These ceremonies will be held approximately every two months

~ We will offer a safe and professional container to discover, heal, transform and grow

~ You might receive deep energy- and light healing work, (live) medicine music, singing circles, breath journeys, kundalini activations, conscious dance, earth medicines cacao & kakau bliss, shamanic rituals, ancestral healing and soul guidance, shadow work, soul regression, sharing circles and much more.

Will you become part of this beautiful sisterhood, sister? We would love to connect with you. 

Below you can read more about this upcoming ceremony:

Sacred Earth Sisterhood 

Cacao ceremony

Theme: "Inner Goddess"

Language: if anyone needs translation into English, the ceremony will be in English.

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We will take you on a journey to connect with the transformative divine power of the archetype of different Goddesses and guide you gently in experiencing these sacred divine energies within yourself.

Love yourself, because you are worth it to love yourself and experience the strength within this love that will be found within the depths of your heart and womb. Find love and you will heal. Are you ready to transmute any blockages that hold you back in loving yourself and to see how unique you are? You are a Goddess sister, you really are. We will help you remember how special you are.

This ceremony is a way to (re)connect with your inner goddess, divine feminine and womb energy within a safe sacred circle of sisters. Remember that you are powerful beyond measure, sexy, creative, gentle and fun. Do you know your place in this world as a woman?

To create a safe space we offer this ceremony and circle to women only so we all feel the safety to be, move and explore within ourselves and with each other. Expect a very nurturing, safe and healing experience which is created from the heart. We will offer a mystical cacao ceremony supported by sound healing, beautiful music, transformative energy work and much more.

Date: 30 september

Location: The Human Fabrique, Haarlem

Duration: 19:00 - 22:00pm

Energy Exchange: € 50,- per ticket

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We will work with the sacred earth medicine of cacao. This medicine opens up the heart and helps us to connect with our feeling state and conscious body, brings focus and clarity and helps us to connect with the spirit world and energy of mother Earth.

About Yolentha: Yolentha is offering inspiring plant medicine ceremonies, working with ceremonial cacao and kakau bliss. She is here to expand the collective consciousness and help humans remember that they are beautiful souls and why they came to Earth. The journey begins in the heart and the heart is the door to the Soul. She works closely with the spirits of the forests and plants, angels, spirit guides, mother Earth, Ascended masters, Source (God) and together we assist you in your healing path and in coming home to your true essence. Yolentha works as a New Earth Medicine woman sharing ancient wisdom of her consciousness, offers light language healing and activations, ancestral healing and provides beautiful deep energy work during the ceremonies. More info:

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