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Eight Limb Yoga Retreat

In beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

27 february - 2 march 2022

Expect a mind-blowing heart warming retreat full with yoga, meditation, pranic healing, surfing and delicious healthy food.


“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.”

~ Patanjali ~

Treat yourself, because you deserve it


You feel it is time to treat yourself and take some time off? Looking forward to spend time in nature at a mind blowing Ecolodge in Nicaragua? Would you like to gain a deeper understanding about the Eight Limb Path of Yoga and bring an inspiring experience back home? This beautiful retreat is build up for yoga practitioners, travellers, students and teachers who want to enjoy a passionate and well organized Yoga retreat in nature. Experience with Yoga is not necessary. Gift yourself with a wonderful way to connect with the limbs and from that connect deeper within. Become aware of behavioural patterns, connect with your internal & external relationships and find a way for small changes in the way to live and enjoy life.


Be part of nature, release the Ego, awaken the Self and experience ultimate Bliss. Through the Eight Limbs we will connect with Prana, our Life Force Energy.


√ 7 nights – 6 day program

√ Delicious & Healthy breakfast (7x) and 3-course Dinner (7x)

√ Two daily Vinyasa Yoga practices focussing on Eight Limb Yoga Path

√ Daily Sangha & exercises about topic of Eight Limb Yoga Path of Patanjali

√ Pranic Healing sessions

√ Meditation & Chanting

√ Enjoying optional side activities

√ Me-time to relax

Your daily routine

Imagine waking up while hearing the sounds of tropical birds and the waves of the ocean

reaching the beach. Realizing you are in paradise, while the sun touches your skin you walk

towards the amazing Yoga deck with jungle & ocean view. You will start your day with a subtle

awakening Vinyasa yoga practice touching the themes of the Eight Limb Yoga Path.

We will meditate, chant & flow towards our Inner light.

After we have awoken body & mind you will enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast offered by

Hotel Eden on the Chocolata. During our Sangha (group session) we talk, discuss and work

together on the theme of the day. You will feel humble being with a special group on a

special place: sharing your thoughts, struggles and joyfulness about life.

After the Sangha you will have some free (Me-) time to wander around in nature, swim in the swimming pool or ocean, sunbathe and/or enjoy a nice activity. During sunset we will have our second yoga practice at the beach, where your eyes will melt with the colours of the sun and sky. At night we will share our laughs and talks during a healthy & flavourful 3-course dinner.  


This retreat is ideal to step out of your daily life patterns to relax, find more awareness of your Samskara’s (behavioural patterns) and "needed" changes.        An inviting way to become proud of the Self. You will find a way to release, let go and accept who you are and where you want to be. Living your Sva Dharma (your calling in life) and stopping the fluctuations of the mind.

Eight Limb Yoga Path

The Eight Limb Yoga Path by Patanjali is a way to connect with the outer world towards the inner world. If you’d like to experience something different and feel a change in the way you live your life this might be your retreat. You are probably thinking about joining a retreat for a specific reason; needing time for yourself, time to rest, relax and build up renewed energy. During this retreat you will not only regain your energy, you will definitely also receive a deeper knowledge about who you truly are and how you want to enjoy your life, while being your satisfied Self. Look forward for a beautiful life changing experience while you are part of nature. 


This Eight Limb Yoga Retreat will give you tools to experience a deeper connection with your outer and inner world. Each day we will work on different themes of the Eight Limbs in yoga practices and a daily Sangha (group session). Click here for more information about the Eight Limbs.   

Example day program 

07:30 – 09:00 Yoga practice to connect with the theme of the day

09:30 – 10:30 Breakfast

10:30 – 12:00 Sangha about the 8 Limb ~ theme of the day

12:00 – 17:30 Free program (Option for side activity)

17:30 – 18:30 Sunset Yoga practice 8 limb ~ theme of the day

19:30 – 20:30 Shared dinner


#This week we will also celebrate a New Moon phase, the perfect moment to set intentions for a new period in life. Together we will create New Moon blessings on our last evening together. 


Arrival will be on Saturday the 6th of February. Information and airport transfer will be explained after booking or on request per e-mail earlier. The retreat is finished on Saturday the 13th of February, last activities will be on Friday evening the 12th.


Bungalow options Hotel Eden on the Chocolata

4 persons shared bungalow         : 2 separate rooms, 4 single beds

2-3 persons shared bungalow      : 2-3 single beds or 1 king size bed

2 persons shared bungalow         : 2 single beds or 1 king size bed


“Review: Await a wonderful experience about the 8-limb guided by this wonderful teacher Yolentha.

She truly has a special way in sharing her knowledge about this path; in a motivating, sober and spiritual way. It felt really easy for me to practice my experiences into daily life, thinking positive and finding more acceptance. Besides it's a big big plus she's assisting a lot during classes, helping her students getting into poses in a safe way.  ~ Maaike. S." 

Book this retreat

To book this retreat please fill in the booking document click here and send it to .

For more detailed information and questions sign in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible click here .

More information about Yolentha click here


Good to know

When                     : 27 february - 6 march 2022

Amount of days         : 7 nights, 6 days

Where                    : San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Airport                    : Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA) in Managua (ticket not included)

Hotel                      : Eden on the Chocolata

Yoga                      : Daily 2 Vinyasa Yoga practices and a daily Sangha (group session)

Included                  : Breakfast (7x) and 3-course dining (7x)

Side activities           : Pranic Healing session, Massage, Surfing, Hiking and more

Teacher                   : Professional Vinyasa Yoga teacher Yolentha Ram from the Netherlands


*Optional side activities not included in package price

  • Traditional or Thai Massage

  • Surftrip

  • Catamaran trip

  • Horseback riding

  • Hiking (also for free) / Zip lining / Eco Tour

*For prices please check booking document click here

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