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My 3 days detox experience

Bijgewerkt: 4 aug 2019

Ohmyguts! Did I enjoyed this way of detoxing! It's refreshing, energizing and very yummie!

Skip the diet; just eat healthy! I love this quote of Ohmyguts, because honestly I'm not a big fan of people going on a diet. I do believe in changing your habits to lose weight but even more to feel better, healthier and happier in and with your body thanks to a change in your level of energy.

“The creative and fun recipes made my mouth water, so delicious! Like the golden milk with oat-milk and turmeric or the lentil curry with mint and cucumber. It definitely inspired me.”

My 3 days detox experience

Ohmyguts is offering the first eatable detox box of Holland which will help you to get rid of that bloated feeling, receive a beautiful skin and to re-energize #ohmyguts .When I tried the 3 days detox box I did not really lose weight, but that wasn't my goal ether. I did feel tighter in my body, which always is a nice thing. But most importantly I received more energy after being tired for over two weeks, the spring fatigue I was going through and really knocked me down.

I started my day with a glass of water and celery shot to cleanse the body of waste and 30 minutes later I enjoyed an acai or green smoothie bowl. I loved the acai bowl with little nuts in it! Then for lunch I had a refreshing juice and a colorful salad with grilled vegetables or chickpeas and pumpkin. During the day I could eat a few nuts and for dinner I enjoyed a nice bulgur rice curry or tajine stew. And to top the day of #ohmyguts has a very very delicious snack to finish your day with a smile, like a healthy hot chocolate, the golden milk or the chocolate snack.

It really surprised me how tasty the food stayed and was after warming it up in the oven or standing in the cooler for a few days.

This detox learned me that my portions could be a little bit smaller and reminded me how important it is to eat a few times a day on specific moments and not random when you're graving for something to eat.

For the next time I'm going to detox I will definitely choose the 5 days detox box from Ohmyguts. How great is it that your kitchen cooler is stuffed for the whole week!

So why should you try this detox and join the Fresh Start Detox week?

Detoxing with Ohmyguts will help you restore your energy level, get rid of that bloated feeling or mood swings. You won't have a huge dip because you're allowed to eat during the day, probably on a different way you normally do which will make that difference. It will help you change your habits and get in control. The detox classes (yoga, pilates & outdoor training) will be that extra support you need to get energized, get rid of waste, receive a beautiful skin and feel happier within your body.

For more info about the Kick-off go visit my website > Aanbod > Frisse Start Detox week.

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