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Divine Feminine Rising

Sacred Divine Feminine

"A 3 day retreat for Divine Feminine awakening"

This retreat is the follow-up and next level deep dive after the 'Embodied Woman' program. A powerful collaboration between sisters, feminine medicine spirits, mother Earth, ascended masters, arch angels, light beings, our ancestors, spiritual guides and Source."

A program to dive deeper within your spiritual abilities and powers and awaken the deeper divine feminine energies within. It is time to evolve and make a quantum jump as a Divine woman of the Earth.

For woman who are ready for a next level step in personal and spiritual growth and ready to embody their full potential as a woman of this New Earth.

Be part of this next Sacred Divine Feminine retreat

Awaken your sacred divine feminine potential

A three day Sacred Divine Feminine Retreat to open up your inner portals and shakti energy

​This Divine Feminine program will offer you;

  • Spiritual Divine growth

  • Kundalini Shakti activations

  • Soul transmissions

  • Deep soul healing methods

  • Cacao & Blue Lotus Ceremony


Discover & understand;

- Free yourself from limiting beliefs

- Experience the diverence between Ego-Love and Divine-love

- Learn to feel and tune into Source energy & light


"A full two month moon cycle to heal, discover, find peace, trust and surrender to your Souls essence.  A powerful sisterhood group to connect with and to help you grow as a woman and step into your divine purpose of this lifetime. Make a big step towards your embodied and full potential Self."

You will receive

Sacred Divine Sisterhood Ceremonies

Deepen your connection with Source energy

Kundalini Shakti Activation

Soul & Light language transmissions

Sacred Earth Medicines & connection to Spirit

Sisterhood Rituals & Prayers

Experiencing Oneness & True Unconditional love

What to expect?

We will have 6 cycles of 11 days, this means a journey of two moon months in total. Within these cycles we will have group calls, online & live ceremonies, one-on-one mentoring and special gifts to deepen your inner transformation and understanding about Self. Also you will receive weekly tasks that fit the theme of the week. Below you will read a few things we will do in each cycle.

Cycle 1 EARTH ~ Online Cacao Ceremony & Astrology Design Reading

Cycle 2 WATER  ~ Hypno Soul Regression therapy session & Soul contracts

Cycle 3 FIRE ~ One-on-One Mentoring & Planting seeds

Cycle 4 AIR ~ Manifestating our dreams

Cycle 5 SPACE ~ Divine and Ancestral Soul distance healing & Microdose meditation

Cycle 6 DIVINE ~ Deep Dive Kakau Bliss ceremony (approx. one month later)

We will have one ZOOM group call per week on Monday evening from 19:30 - 21:00pm.

You will be added to a whatsapp group chat.

Logo (1).png

"Become your true embodied and full potential Self. This program will help you grow in Self-love, Self-worth and will empower your believes. It is time to let go off old patters that no longer serve you, this world needs you to step into your own power and bring your talents and gifts into the world."

Embodiment through the elements

Each cycle will represent an element of nature and will invite you to exlore the qualities of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space within yourself. In the final cycle and deep dive ceremony you will connect with your inner Divine Feminine Energy. The whole program is created to deepen our connection with Mother Earth, by raising our inner Divine Frequencies we will help her raising her frequency.

Gebarsten modder


In cycle one we will connect with the element Earth and ground our intentions for this journey. It is a cycle to discover where you are at, how you feel and where you want to be heading to. What are your dreams and wishes for your dream life?

Kalme wateren


In cycle two we will connect with the element water. We will open our hearts for our inner child (trauma's) and surrender to what wants to be felt and released. It is time to heal and receive clarity that will help us to step into our divine power.

Blauwe lucht


In cycle three it is time to change our believe system and have trust in our own talents and gifts. It is the moment to make a step forward and listen to our intuïtion, our inner voice and truth. Time for positive change that will bring you closer to yourSelf.

“Divine Feminine energy - ”

Yolentha Ram

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

Your investment & what you will receive

You will receive

  • Ceremonial cacao for cycle 1 (normal price € 25,-)

  • Microdose kakau bliss for cycle 2-5 (normal price € 75,-)

  • Digital guidebook

  • One-on-one mentorship coaching (normal price € 75,-)

  • Distance soul & ancestral healing cycle 2 & 5 (normal price € 222,-)

  • Hypno Soul Regression session (normal price € 122,-) 

  • Human Design reading (normal price € ....)

  • Deep Dive Kakau Bliss Ceremony (normal price € 198,-)

  • An online zoom call each week

  • Whatsapp group app


BONUS: an inspiring giftbox to support your journey t.w.v. € 45,-

Total worth program € 800,-

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