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A beautiful healing retreat in the North West of the Netherlands

Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat

“Everything is medicine”

From 17 to 18 May

Near Alkmaar, Netherlands


You are your own healer

You have forgotten that you carry the strongest medicine for healing within yourself.

In collaboration with great Spirit we will offer Shamanic Earth rituals, medicinal herbs and shamanic practices that will inspire you to journey into the depths of your consciousness -- for (trauma) healing, personal growth, deep transformation and powerful insights on soul level.


Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonies

Each day we will sit with Sacred Earth Medicines in profound ceremonies, guided by a professional team of facilitators and spaceholders. You can expect an Ancestral ceremony with the native cactus spirit, Elemental ceremonies and Alchemy Sound Healing. There will be opening- and sharingcircles for integration and connection. For questions regarding the medicine ceremonies, please fill in the contact form below to receive more detailed information.

You can choose to attend the whole retreat weekend or optional an One day & Night retreat, choosing the ceremonies the call your heart.


Music is Medicine ~ Mystery of Alchemy

Each ceremony we offer divine sacred music to assist and guide your inner journey. The team will conclude amazing musicians who have years of experience with offering their sacred music, songs and voice in collaboration with spirit, medicine and ceremony.


            The alchemy of music and sound in combination with the alchemy of earth plants and herbs creates a deep       healing frequency that will reach your soul and awaken your Kundalini energy.


Healing with the Elements

This weekend will conclude powerful shamanic rituals in which we will give our prayers to Spirit and our ancestors through connection with the elements. You can expect a Fire an closing ceremony. There will be moments to dance underneath the stars and wonder around in the beautiful garden of this sacred place where we facilitate the retreat.


Why join this beautiful Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat?

  • You feel called to sit in ceremony with sacred, traditional healing plants and practices

  • There is a deep longing to receive powerful insights that will guide you on your path of life

  • Maybe you feel stuck in life and you want to be inspired for renewed life energy

  • To release stuck energies, heal internal (old) wounds of grief and anger

  • To heal trauma of all kinds: of this live, of past lives and ancestral trauma

  • To re-connect with your heart, your soul and the greater purpose of life

  • Awaken all of your senses, reconnect with nature and the essence of life on Earth

  • You wish to activate your heart consciousness and live your dream life

Wander around at Juma's Dream

We gather at a beautiful farm near Alkmaar with a high frequency ceremonial space and sacred garden. Including a beautiful swimmingpool and sauna. A perfect place escape daily life for a few days and to retreat yourself.


“When we heal, we heal the Earth.” The more we come home in our heart and we meet our purest Self, the happier and wealthier our life will flow. This is for the best interest of our Earth.

Be part of the difference the world needs right now.

The program

Friday to Saturday

  • Arrival 10am, Leave approx.18 - 20pm

  • Grandfather Ceremony with the sacred native cactus from Peru, with Mathis and Yolentha

  • Divine Feminine Plant & Herb ceremony to connect with higher realms (more info by mail)

  • Fire Prayer Ceremony

  • Opening- & Sharingcircle + integration work

  • One plantbased after ceremony meal + one plantbased breakfast and lunch, healthy bites

  • Maximum of 11 souls excl. team of facilitators

Energy exchange and your investment

1. One Day & One Night Retreat € 380,-

*Please contact us and let us know what your interest is for joining / booking your spot.

*We will ask you to pay a deposit in advance. A payment plan is possible if it is creating the possibility for you to join.


Practical & What to expect

  • We offer the possibility for you to sleep in the ceremonial space or dorm with max. 8 people, come with a camper or tent for camping. There will also be one private bedrooms available for rent.

  • Some ceremonies and rituals will be offered outside, depending on the Dutch weather.

  • There is a nice swimmingpool and sauna available, which will be available on specific moments during the retreat.

  • The diet and preparation for the retreat will take about 5 to 7 days prior to the ceremonies.

  • We will offer plantbased meals and ask all the participants to bring some food to share.

  • You will receive more detailed information approximately a week prior to the retreat and integration support after the retreat.

  • This retreat will be partly held in Dutch and English and is available for the maximum of 11 beautiful souls, men and women.


For more information – please fill in the contact form bellow and you will receive more detailed information and prices within 2 – 4 days on your e-mail. Understand that we are not sharing everything regarding this retreat online and in detail, you can plan a call or write us a message if you have any questions.

Sign up / Ask for more information

(!) Please let us know why you feel interested in joining this retreat and tell us about your experience with ceremonial work. We feel excited to connect with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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