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Gateway of Light ~ Earth medicine & Psychedelic Breath

An intimite and nourishing evening to awaken your inner light and connect on a deep level with yourself. Earth Medicnes cacao & optional a microdose of kakau bliss guided by Yolentha and Psychedelic Breath guided by Aileen Kenney, both professional, powerful woman who will guide a safe inner journey

Gateway of Light ~ Earth medicine & Psychedelic Breath
Gateway of Light ~ Earth medicine & Psychedelic Breath

Tijd en locatie

07 okt 2022 17:30 – 21:30

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Nederland

Over het evenement

Gateway of Light - Earth Medicine & Psychedelic Breath Ceremony

We invite you to an intimate and nourishing evening in which we will work together with two powerful transformational and healing experiences: plant medicine cacao, kakau bliss and psychedelic breath near Amsterdam. We have created a safe space to connect deeply to yourself and to connect with each other. During this special evening we combine several practices and medicines that allow you to open up, to feel to release and gain clarity. We will guide you towards your own inner light.


17:30 Arrival

18:00 Welcome & introduction

18:30-19:15 Ceremony with Earth Medicines of choice ‘sacred cacao & kakau bliss’ *

19:15-20:15 PSYCHEDELIC BREATH- Soundhealing, Light language healing and Energy work

20:30 Yummy vegetarian dinner

21:00 Sharing

21:30 Closing

*You can choose to only receive sacred cacao and optional combine this beautiful earth medicine with a microdose of psilocybine kakau bliss (read the contra-indications before signing up).


These beautiful, safe earth medicines will help you to dive deeper within your own light, experience the energy from your heart opening op. Cacao will help to ground, connect with mother Earth and balance your heart chakra. Kakau Bliss will assist you in diving in a bit deeper into your consciousness body, it is called the medicine of the Soul. Both medicines will help to let go of attachments and let go of the control of the mind. You will be held in a safe space, carried by the medicine, music and space holders. More info about these Earth Medicines you read here


This is a gentle but powerful Breathwork technique. Using ancient knowledge from yoga & contemporary neuroscience, beautiful electronic music and a gentle feminine guidance.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH can allow you to release emotions, physical blockages and increase the sense of aliveness & energy in your body. Release limiting beliefs and allow yourself to step towards your full potential.

Time: 17:30-21:30

Location: Beautiful space near Amsterdam, address will be share a few day prior to the event.

Ticket € 66,16 Buy your ticket here

Meet your facilitators

Yolentha Ram

With these beautiful loving Earth Medicines I’m here to expand collective consciousness and help humans remember that they are a beautiful souls and why they came to Earth. The journey begins in the heart and the heart is the door to the Soul. I work closely with the spirits of the forests and plants, angels, spirit guides, mother earth, Source (God) and together we assist you in your path of healing and coming home in your true essence.

I work as a New Earth Medicine woman sharing ancient wisdom of my consciousness, share light language healing and activations and provide beautiful deep energy work during the ceremonies, bringing exactly that what your Souls awaits.

Aileen Kennedy

Supporting people in bringing more joy & happiness into their lives is what makes me happy.

The tools I use for this are Breathwork, EMDR and therapy. I’m a certified GZ-Psychologist & Mindfulness teacher. I have a specialization in working with women & the feminine. Finding your way back to your body & breath and finally allowing yourself to feel & heal is so important, and worth it!

Please read: Contra-indications for KAKAU BLISS

· You cannot participate in this ceremony if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

· Medications such as antidepressants, beta blockers, blood pressure lowering agents. If possible, stop all medication at least 3 days prior to the ceremony, only if this is possible on the advice of the GP. Feel free to email for consultation.

· Medication for heart problems and high blood pressure.

· Psychological indications such as borderline, schizophrenia, psychoses. Are you under treatment? Please discuss this with your practitioner first.

· Drug & Alcohol Addiction.

# You will receive more explanation and advice for the correct preparation a week before the ceremony, this also means that we urgently advise you to follow a special diet 3 days in advance.

Contraindications for PSYCHEDELIC BREATH

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, High inner eye pressure, Detached Retina, Cardiovascular problems, Strokes, Clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds).

For further questions - please contact me

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